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Neighbors Large Oak tree is slowly damaging rental property. Squirrels, continuous branches large/small & acorns hit roof and cover yard. I Cant get the driveway paved until issue is handled. The Tree is on her property but hovers over 35% percent of my rental. So I went and got more than a few quotes, all averaging over $4K. I figured I would be better off cutting the branches that cover the house at a cheaper rate. After speaking with neighbor, she is willing to pay half for tree to be removed completely due to the inconveniences it causes her to. Question is,  should she be paying full amount?

Should she? Yes. Will she? Probably not. Your options:

1. Go ahead and split the cost.

2. Cut all the stuff that hangs on your side and hope the tree dies. Then wait a bunch of years until they finally cut it down and grind up the roots.

3. Take her to court for damages. 

If it were me I'd probably just bite the bullet and split it. 

@JD Martin thanks for your input, greatly appreciated. I agree, I'm not sure when she will have the funds. So I will be just cutting down the branches that hangs on my side to take action right away.



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