Do I have to resolve Tenant Complaint about Rats Outside?

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Hi there,

Four unit building: Two tenants have complained about seeing rats/mice in our outdoor area where the trash is kept. No rodents the units.  I'm of the mind to say that if the rodent outdoors, we're not going to exterminate. Any suggestions or experience with this?

If its outdoors I don't think you can exterminate. The best solution is to make sure the garbage is in can and secure where no rodents can get in ad try cleaning trash bin with bleach and spray with ammonia I heard that keeps rodents away.

I don’t know how cold it gets in Oakland, but once it starts getting cooler at night, those rats will start looking for shelter. I’d at least get a pest control company to set up some traps by the entrances. Rodents outside soon become rodents inside.

Go buy a couple of traps like this to help prevent them getting inside and get the tenants off your back.

You may not be obligated to exterminate, yet it would probably be wise for your own sake to rid the problem. 

To your success!

Would you want to live there?

Simple solution.  Go to Amazon and buy rat bait and trap.  Put them out and the problem will be gone in a week.  I recommend you do it fast.  The last thing you want is to have to patch a dozen holes in the sheetrock because they come through looking for water.  Worse, the tenants will have a very valid complaint if dropping become visible. 

I would consider that a "common area" which is still your responsibility as the Landlord. If allowed to remain, they could find their way inside the units.  You should be able to get rid of them without hiring an expensive exterminator.

Why wouldn't you take care of it? Those rats will eventually find a way inside and then you will definitely have a problem. The cost of doing something, traps, sealing up the house, calling an exterminator, would all be relatively minor, but the cost of the tenants feeling like you don't care about them or the property is significantly greater. I like to err on the side of taking good care of my tenants rather than not.

This looks like the deal.

A few of these should thin them out.

Your property your issue,, control rodents and get rid of them. Bait and trap or call a exterminator.. Can't understand how a situation like this would even be a question. And make sure the trash containers are in good condition... 

@Isaak Brown I agree with @Deanna McCormick this is your responsibility. I would hire a monthly pest service and they will just keep traps outside year round. Just to be clear, landlords who ignore stuff like this are the ones that labeled slum lords. No professional company would ignore an issue like.

Thanks for the feedback. My hesitation was because of the area being so exposed and outdoors, seems almost impossible to resolve. But I will take this good advice and get started.

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