Short Term Rent Assistance

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Does anyone have any experience with Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA) in southeast michigan?  They are offering to provide a tenant who is being evicted rent assistance.  They say they will need a judgment and they will pay that judgment amount as well as current rent, pending an inspection of the apartment.  They say they are not a section 8 program.  

I'm thinking this is maybe more hassle than it's worth.  I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this agency or other nonprofit agencies like it.

A judgement as in go to court judgement?  I believe that it isn't section 8 and they can normally turn the money around fairly quickly, but the judgement and inspection seem like more trouble than they are worth.

I have dealt with agencies that will help tenants that are in danger of being evicted.   The ones I have received funds from generally need a copy of a 3 day (pay or quit) notice, a copy of the lease and a W9.   If I'm at the point where I have a judgement I'm not taking any money, I'm moving on.   

Are you so desperate for a tenant that you would take someone that was recently evicted? Pass.

I have had tenants who have received short term rental assistance.  The idea was to give them time to get on their feet, and they never did.  I would only do this if your tenant had a short term situation that rendered them unable to pay rent, and it is now resolved (like being in the hospital, unable to work, but now back at work.)  

If you take short term assistance for someone who cannot afford your unit, you are only pushing the problem down the road.  At this time of year, with holiday court delays, it means your tenant gets free rent until February.

@Nicole S. I am currently working with a tenant who is late and is getting rental assistance for the month. He was a good tenant for three years, then lost his job. He has a new job and with assistance, I am confident he will get back on his feet. If I thought he would continue to struggle, I would ask him to leave.

Someone once told me that we are all one hardship away from being homeless. It is a very humbling thought. 

I am sure the "evict them" responses will far outnumber mine. Everyone is a "tough" on an internet forum. 

Several agencies provide rental assistance but only after a  notice for eviction has been sent or the compliant has been filed.  As whether or not you like the program is likely irrelevant as most judges will say you have to take the payment.  (In fact, in many larger court districts, "eviction diversion" programs have been put into place whereby an agency commits (just before the hearing) to pay the outstanding rent.  If the payment is made, the eviction is expunged from the tenant's record.)