Abilene Texas Rental market over saturated?

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I am wondering if anyone is having trouble getting a property rented? We have a 4 bedroom 2 bath house that is next to ACU and a 3/2 duplex near ACU. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Could it be just the time of year?

I haven't had any issues with my property by Hardin Simmons but there are A LOT of vacancies currently...may consider adjusting pricing some to stay competitive

Do do you have a posting actually at the college? I believe you can post one in the bean area which if you're not familiar is there food court..

@Jon-Michael Clark
We own an aprartment complex in Abilene a few hundred feet from ACU. We've been able to rent out units in the past few months and are near 100% occupied now. And those have been at above market rents. In speaking with my property manager, she has said that SFH have been harder to rent due to higher asking rents than smaller apartments. So that may be an issue you are facing. But apartments are renting well. Additionally, I have found that Sep-Dec can be dead months in terms of leasing. So that is likely playing into it as well.

The holiday season can be a challenging time in all markets.  Additionally, school is approaching finals so most students will not be focused on a move

Thanks for all the info! Yeah I was hoping the holidays are the factor currently....

@Jon-Michael Clark , I've been analyzing some potential deals in Abilene, and have found that 65-70 cents/sqft is the going rate for renting SFH. Does that sound right to you? A number of the properties I looked at by McMurry were also vacant, but I'm also leaning toward the time of year being the real issue.

I would love to chat more about Abilene rentals/BRRR deals in general if you're interested.

@Jon-Michael Clark I can put up a flyer for you if you need help.I go to Hardin Simmons as a student and can make a trip to ACU. 

Also there are multiple Facebook groups with rental postings.

@Yousif Abudra is correct about sfh rent being to high. In my Econmonics class we were talking about it in the spring. 

@Chris Patao what is your email. I would love to speak with you about possible putting fliers up on ACU campus and Hardin Simmons.

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