Cleveland area POS / Occupancy cost summary

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Ran across this nice summary of each city in the greater Cleveland area regarding Point of Sale, Occupancy Permits, Inspections, etc. Includes contact information for each city.

A bit dated (2015) but likely mostly accurate as these things don't change often / quickly. If people post any updates they are aware of, we can fill-in / update any blanks.

On that note, this past summer, the City of East Cleveland passed ordinances that increased occupancy permits x 10. 

If I am reading them right (I have the PDF's);
Non-Owner Occupied

Ordinance 14-17:
 $100 per unit annually for units 1 & 2, $50 for unit 3
 $100 per unit annually for all unit >4 (not sure if you save $50 on 3rd unit)

Reading this ordinance carefully, unit 4 may not actually be covered

Owner Occupied

Ordinance 15-17: 

  $100 on sale of 2-3 unit
  $400 on sale of 4-39 unit
  $1,000 on sale of >39 unit

Ordinance 16-17: 

  $100 on sale of Single Family House

Not sure if these are over and above the POS inspection fee required for a sale in East Cleveland.

I would personally skip over anything located in "East Cleveland"

The big news here is that a class action law suit is going forward against the City of Bedford in the Northern District of Ohio contesting "all homeowners who were forced to endure government searches as a precondition to the sale of their homes are entitled to demand refunds of illegal “Point of Sale” inspection fees".

A similar suit has already been adjudicated in the Southern District Courts in favor of prohibiting the practice as a sale requirement.

41 communities in Northeast Ohio require some type of POS for title transfer which I'm sure is a source of income the cities don't want to see disappear.

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