Should you check occupancy limits with your town?

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Hi, I have a large single family house 5 bedroom house that I am renting out to a large extended family of 4 adults and 5 children (9 occupants total). I was advised to check with my township if this many people exceeds any occupancy limits.

First question is this is a good idea to call the town's housing dept. and ask this?

Second are you aware of any such occupancy limits in your town or municipality or anywhere you have rented before? For example, X number of adults and Y number of children per bedroom?


Normally I have my property management company handle this.

You should be able to find this information online by looking up your property address and seeing the zoning of your property.


You always have HUD specifications/regulations, which look fine based on your occupants. Sometimes I will see HOA's of COA's have occupancy rules like; no unrelated occupants, etc... Good idea to check the areas written rules and regulations

When you take money for a good or service you provide you're in business. While you're looking up the rules to this question in your local county it may be a good idea to know all the other rules and regulations regarding your business. Know about a problem or issue before it arises or at least have a good idea who or where you should look to find the answers.

Always good to know. You can call without giving your name/address - and likely no one will care unless it becomes an issue.

Here in Philly there's a law about no more than 3 unrelated people in a house. Drove me crazy because the regulation isn't mentioned anywhere in the landlord tenant rules, but was a zoning regulation. Grrrr! :)

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