When to post rental on Zillow?

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Do you post your rental on Zillow right away or do you wait?

From my previous experience, the most activity for views and inqueries happen in the first few days after you post a listing for rent on Zillow. But, then the longer your rentals sits unleased, those views and inqueries drops.

This probably occurs, I'm assuming, because Zillow lists the rentals by newness. Its like the Google effect, where people look at the first few things google pull and most people never even look on the second page. So, it really helps if your rental is one of the newest rentals available on Zillow and it hurts if the listing is older as it gets pushed back to the 2nd page. With more and more apartments listing their rentals on Zillow, I expect this effect to be even pronounced and for your listing to get lost in the shuffle. 

My rental will be available next year on Jan 1. I'm trying to decide when I should post that listing, either now or after January. 

If I post it now, it'll be new and therefore get views and responses for the next week or two. 

But, after that, with Christmas and all that, I expect the responses to really quiet down for the rest of December until January.  By that point, my listing will be old and won't show up at the top of Zillow. 

Or, should I wait to post it on January on Zillow so its at the top when there's going to be more people looking for a rental in January than December. 

Post Now. if the property will be ready Jan. 1 you will have several prospects that you will be able to sift through allowing you to choose the strongest prospect

The better tenants plan ahead and may need to give notice. If your listing feels stale after a week or two, nothing to stop you from pulling it and editing it and repost....but not sure if that will put you on top as a new listing.

Using the Zillow property manager app I just “renew” my listing every couple of days. I also shuffle the picture order and add new pics. 

They are always in the top 1 or 2 daily “views”

Has anybody had any success with renewing or editing their Zillow listing so it gets bumped up back to the top for newest available rentals?

I tried doing it before, but it didn't work for me so I don't know if I was doing it wrong or if there's no way around it. 

Patrick- did it really bump your listing back to the top?

Or, do you mean that by renewing the listing and shuffling the pictures every few days, then people were still viewing it because they didn't realize it was the same property with a different picture?

If you can show it now, list it now.

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