For you who DIY your maintenance. Your 3 favorite tools?

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I do all my own make ready, repairs and maintenance , except for AC work.  So, I've acquired a few new tools as we go along.   I wonder what your 3 favorite tools are.  Which ones make life easier, are the most useful the most bang for your buck?

Here's mine.

1. Graco airless paint sprayer.  When I first got this, it was really great for painting exteriors.  I could spray the outside of a large house in a day, multiple coats.  Took another day or so to paint the trim.  No masking, no hassle, easy peasy.  But for interiors, it was more of chore.  Masking and laying drop clothes and trying to make sure no overspray got on anything.  If I was replacing flooring, it was easier, but still a pain.  Bleah.   But then I found the power roller attachment.  BAM, now this tool rocks.  I can roll a big room in about 20 minutes.

2.  Oscillating tool.  If you lay tiles or laminate or LVP, this is a must.  Easily undercut door frames for painless flooring installation.  And useful as heck when making cuts on countertops or subfloors where your circular saw can't finish the cut because you run into a wall.

3.Texture sprayer.  As many drywall repairs as we all must do, this is a must.   I use mine to apply either an orange peel or a brushed texture, whichever blends in easier.  Most of my houses are old enough that they don't have knockdown.   Orange peel is a breeze to match up, no more ugly drywall patches. 

Lets here yours.

Great morning @Roger S. ,

My favorite tools are very basic.

1. Headlamp flashlight: definitely great for HVAC work, and plumbing work (underneath sinks)

2. Gloves: Self explanatory

3. Multimeter: Probably my best friend. I can troubleshoot any electrical problem with it.

1. Dewalt 20v XR impact driver.- I use it on every project it is a invaluable tool that runs forever on a charge and has all the power you could ever want from a cordless.

2. Oscillating tool - as stated before this is just so useful I couldn’t imagine doing many projects with out one. I actually own two.

3. The right tool for the job. - I know it’s not a actual tool but I’m a big believer in getting the right tool for the job. It makes what would be a difficult job easy. And a guy can’t have too many tools.

Leatherman Wave with insert bit kit. For when that little thing needs tightening, scraping, filing, whatever. Always on my hip.

Agree with oscillating tool, my latest is the Makita 18v. 

After that, maybe a tossup between the Makita 18v recip saw and the Hitachi 10" laser miter saw.

Bucket with canvas tool holder liner w/ compartments for hand tools

Tape measure

Phone: for photo's of measurements of or any type of object weather a plumbing part or screw. and to use  as last resort to call someone else to help :)

Other than the obvious Hammer, Hand saw, tape, screw guns, and levels -

Mine is the following:

1.) oscillating tool is a must for keeping trim in place and replacing flooring. There truly is not a replacement for this tool.

2.) Electric nail guns. OMG why didnt they invent these sooner. My pet peeve is leaky pneumatic airguns which require a hose, power cord (power) and a noisy, clunky expensive compressor. Electric nail guns are super convenient and easy.

3.) non contact voltage tester by Klein tools. Absolute time saver when changing out outlets and electric fixtures. Much quicker than a multi-tool if all you care about is wether or not their is juice in the lines.

Time is money when doing renovations and each of these tools will pay for themselves in time saved.


@Roger S.

1. Power drill with lithium batteries. Light and the batteries last forever. I keep drill bits, screw heads and screws in the case. It has adjustable torque setting for screwing or drill setting for drilling. This power tool is used more than anything I own.

2. Tool kits. I have three tool kits. One is mechanical / general so it can cover most anything. I also have a specialized kit for plumbing and electrical. I only bring the specialized kits when I am doing a plumbing or electrical job. My general kit can cover everything, but there are extra tools in the other kits that I don't like to carry for day-to-day.

3. Little Giant 22 foot latter. Makes a great step latter or extension ladder. It fits inside my van. This ladder can do just about anything I need. Anything I can't reach with the ladder, I shouldn't be doing.

I agree with @Roger S. I have a general tool belt(hammer, pliers, screwdriver, etc.) then;

2. Electrical bag.

3. Plumbing bag.

Then I have all of the other tools grouped together in plastic totes(flooring, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, closet shelving, painting).  Then I have everything shelved in a 16' enclosed trailer along with the big stuff(nail guns, miter saw, tile saw, table saw, ladders, brooms, etc.).