Where is the best place to list a House for Rent?

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If I decide not to use an agent or Property Manager and self manage a house rental...Where is the best place to list and can anyone recomend a strategy to find potentail tenants?

I would list on Zillow, apartments.com, craigslist, hotpads.com                                                                                                                                                        

Craigslist will be your best bet likely.  In addition to other suggestions above, consider sign at property, posters on bulletin boards where your target tenants hang out.

Before you market, figure out your application, policies and screening procedures.

I've had excellent luck on Facebook, posting an ad in a local "Sale" page. Typically net 100+ comments in the first day, usually about 25-30 messages, 6-8 applications and a couple solid choices. 

Of course this is a bit more transparent approach, and likely works better in smaller communities. Nonetheless it works for me.

I agree with @James Malone..I have a property manager that listed on the other sites but got the most interest/replies on Facebook Marketplace. All mentioned will not hurt either. I wish you well.

Facebook.  Look for groups in you area that list homes for rent.  Also has the added feature of quickly doing a bit of screening by clicking on interested parties profiles.

An ad set up on Postlets (free) will automatically be sent to Zillow, Trulia and Hotpads.  Some landlords no longer use Craigslist due to the risk of having ads stolen by scammers.

If you are near a military base AHRN (Automated Housing Referral Network) is another option for listing a rental.


I just started using Zillow in addition to CL, and get many more responses. Not great quality though, low follow through. I've found if I text them I get more back than email or phone. Damn Millennials.

Thank you All for the responses. Great information.

@Douglas Rice I agree with everyone else that I have been using Zillow and it posts to others like realtor.com and gives you the code to add to craigslist, but I was talking with a friend that has rentals the other day and he told me that he decided to in the new paper a few months back and has found his best tenants through the newspaper ad. So don't overlook the old school methods either. I have used Zillow and the others listed and have mixed results with it, sometimes good and sometimes not, but that's common with all methods I assume :).


@James D Malone I am intrigued by Facebook, but with me rejecting so many interested people immediately (smokers, pit bulls, not enough income, etc.), I'm afraid of personal reprisals.  Have you had any problems with this?  Is there a way to have anonymity on facebook? 

@Amy A. Honestly I really never reject anyone. Usually when someone is interested enough to send me a message, I respond with  a link to my online application and request they fill it out. I then just wait until I get an application that meets my standards. For the people who call me daily to ask if I'm going to let them rent the place, I just tell them that I am still accepting applications and everyone will be given full consideration. Most people never continue to inquire after the application.

If someone ever explicitly asked why they were denied, I'm prepared with reasons. Thus far I haven't seen the need to let applicants know they've been denied. 

Originally posted by @Antoine Martel :

I would list on Zillow, apartments.com, craigslist, hotpads.com            

If I were looking to rent  a house, I wouldn't be looking for it on a site called apartments.com.

Every area is different, last go round CL was a complete waste of time. Realtor.com, was slightly better, 95% of traffic from Zillow rental manager.  

Post on in all available channels.  What is hot (producing good interest/leads/applications) now may be very different in 6 months or a year.  Keep notes on what is producing for reference.

In my market CL was great for quite some time, now Zillow, trulia, hotpads is producing 95% of the leads.  But don't drop the "low performers" either, they may produce the one applicant that you place.  This just happened for me.

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