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Hi there.

I am a little confused in the wordings of Anne Arundel (AA) county website for rental rules and laws. I just acquired a 1950 town home in brooklyn park and not sure whether all rules apply to me or not. The AA county is mentioning ONE AND TWO FAMILY DWELLINGS Requirements. I think two family dwelling is a duplex but does a one family dwelling mean single family home and a town home or just a single family home? The house has paneling in living room as well as in master bedroom. I want to leave them as is as they are in excellent shape but if the laws apply to my property, I have to get them removed and have drywall installed. Just like I want to installed battery operated smoke detectors but I would have to install hard wired if the rules apply to me. I am sharing a link as well. The requirements are half way down the page. Thanks in advance.

You're right it does appear confusing. Part of the problem is that it isn't Anne Arundel County's website you're looking at, a bot copied and pasted and the spacing got messed up from what's on the county page.  The way it reads on the actual link is that paneling appears to be okay.  I would still highly recommend verifying with the Dept of Planning and Zoning , they are generally the best place to start. Furthermore, lots of things can potentially be grandfathered in. Don't spend the money unless you have to.  Make sure to get your lead cert since the building is pre-1978 though. I'm not sure if anyone told you about the process with Maryland Dept of the Environment. Fingers crossed for no lead paint.

As for the fire alarm, it appears that on the page you're posting it's only referencing new builds however, that is outdated information due to a new law. As of January 1, 2018, you will need sealed 10 year smoke detectors - state law which supersedes county. With everything please call Planning and Zoning or the appropriate department to double check because I'm a real estate agent not a code expert but hopefully this information gives you a little bit of direction on it.

Thank you so [email protected]

Your post cleared up a lot of foggy areas. Can I ask you what you meant by SEALED 10 year smoke detectors? Do you mean hard wired? Or do you mean the detectors won't need a battery replacement for 10 years and simply be replaced after its lifespan? I'm going to buy carbon monoxide detectors as well as smoke detectors tomorrow, would you be kind enough to share a certain product if possible?

Rest I'll verify. 

The battery must be sealed or "tamper resistant".  Here is a combo CO2 and smoke detector, I'm sure there are others but I've had luck with this brand, this is just the first one I saw on the website. Use those keywords and you should be able to find others. On the link, if you scroll through the pictures it shows each state that requires this type.

@Brandy Summerlin Thanks for the Input. Just wanted to verify that when you mentioned to get the property Lead Certified, the contractor is doing a full paint job but isn't "certifying it" ??? The contractor is telling me to hand the Lead Paint Disclosure to the tenant. Do I need to pay somebody else to make the property Lead Safe as making it Lead free is very costly.

I have another great mentor who I am working with and I'll ask her the same question.

Here is the information outlining your responsibilities:

Main page for MD Dept of the Environment regarding lead:

In my experience it's $200-400 to have the inspector come in and it to be registered in the MDE database.

EDIT: Database to look up licensed lead inspectors

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