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Hello BP,

I'm just trying to get opinions on several property management softwares that I'm looking it:

  1. Rentec Direct
  2. Truerent
  3. AppFolio
  4. Rent Manager
  5. Buildium (I understand this one is like the creme del la creme)

I'm looking for something that you use to do:

financials/reports, store tenant information, coordinate maintenance requests, make/receive payments, insurance, schedule/coordinate inspections, post rental listings, accept rental applications and finally do tenant screening, etc.

Does anyone have any meaningful experience with these softwares? Any feedback?  You can also recommend others...


Hi Leonard, I work as a property manager in Southern California and have used AppFolio since 2014. I have managed up to 400 units using AppFolio and am currently using it to manage approximately 50 properties and highly recommend it. They are constantly updating the software with user suggested features and the support team is great. You can create any report you like if one of the many already set up reports does not tell you exactly what you are looking for. Your tenants can email in maintenance requests that you can email directly to contractors, stream-lining the maintenance process (and ensuring nothing is forgotten). It also makes tenant application, screening and payments very easy to process in an orderly manner. It keeps detailed records of your emails and texts with residents which is great if more than one person will be working on the management. 

That being said, I am not the actual property owner so the monthly fee for the service was not something that played a factor in my decision of services. I am not sure if another program may be set up better for your purpose, but AppFolio can definitely do everything you are looking for! 

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