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Do any landlords in Atlanta use Excalibur Homes for property management? If so, do you have any positive or negative feedback on their PM? 

If not, is there a PM in Atlanta that you would recommend?

@Alex K. PM me and I will share my experience with 2 in Atlanta.

I'm with @Robert Gilstrap . It makes a huge difference where your properties are located. 

You may have an awesome PM in Marietta, but if your property is in Lawrenceville, it might not get the attention that it deserves. 

What if it's in a not-so-high-income area of Atlanta? Many PMs don't want to handle the area at all, because the rents aren't so high and subsequently they're percentage isn't that high. High turnover (which can be great fora  PM, if they always get the 1st month's rent) and evictions. 

Location and condition of house and neighborhood is key

@Alex K. I have not used them but I can introduce you to mine who manages my 5 remote rentals in Atlanta.

@Lane Kawaoka I'm interested in investing in Atlanta and I'm also out of state. Could I please get that info too?

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