Help. First Eviction - Baltimore city

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In ten days I have my first eviction in Baltimore City. Just looking for some advise on what to expect that day and any pro tips of what I should be doing leading up to the day. Planning in the tenant not vacating her stuff and having to have the sheriff remove her.

Especially if you are a landlord in baltimore city.

This process has me stressed out. 

@Sean Flanagan Greetings,

If it's raining/snowing the sheriff will not evict. Sheriff will stay until you change the locks. Sheriff will ensure tenant vacates property. DO NOT LET TENANT BACK INTO PROPERTY AFTER SHERIFF HAS LEFT.

I wish you the best! Peace!

Don't know your specific area but most cases will boil down to the details. Documentation, accurate information, properly filed forms and knowing the facts. Best if you memorise all facts, dates etc. so as not to show any hesitation. 

The best you can do is be prepared,. Expect the tenant to lie through their teeth, all do, and have the facts, pictures necessary to support your claims. He said/she said usually favours the tenant. 

Are you in a tenant or a landlord friendly state.

@Eric H what if property is left inside? Should that be trashed? Would you hire movers ?

I don’t have advice or experience to share but wanted to wish you luck with that. Nothing like this kind of stress right before the holidays. Please keep us posted…. Also, can you just put the stuff out on the curb? I see it all the time in the city but not sure if it’s legal.

@Sean Flanagan

@Megan Moody

You can not put stuff out on the curb. Yes I would hire a hauling company or do it myself, depending on how much stuff is in there.

@Sean Flanagan   you can hire a "Rent court agent" to handle the court case. There are a few in Baltimore city, just google them.  Otherwise have your lease and ideally a rent ledger showing all rents charged and all payments.  Many tenants don't even show up.  It is not that hard to win if you have good documentation. 

They have a brochure they can give you with the requirements and timelines for evictions. One tip is make sure there is an address on your property the day of the eviction.   Some row houses have 1/2 numbers, ex. 2697 1/2 Wilkens Ave. .  The sheriff may not evict without an address showing. I carry a big thick magic marker to write the address on the door if ness.

I did a Baltimore City eviction  2 years ago. Sherriff asked for certified mail receipt of eviction notice to tenant (or something like that). Anyway  what I showed him was not exactly what he asked to see, I may have had it but was confused, either way  he immediately refused to do the eviction. 

However I had shown up early and had seen the tenant leaving with her belongings and children so I waited for the sherriff to go and took back the house.

@Ned Carey is there a hauling service you recommend that I can contact for the day ifher stuff is still in the unit. Also what about security over all is that a concern?

@Ned Carey and everyone else. Thanks so much for your tips so far, I am stressed by the overall situation but also doing my best to look at it as a learning opportunity. 

I've been through court several times and know that process pretty well, but luckily all my tenants have left before the actual eviction, so I never had to meet the sheriff. One even left the night before, after weeks of saying she was going to certainly pay. Never believe them. Press on.

Let us know if you get all the way to the Sheriff being there, and what happens. Good luck.

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