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Hello All,

Which free property management software do you use to manage your rental properties and grow your business? 

I have been using for two years now. I think the system functions great, however, our portfolio has grown to 15 units and it is becoming difficult to stay organized with cozy's basic system.

I am interested in hearing the communities thoughts and recommendations!! 


Chattahoochee Property Management

Hi Joe, what more do you wish cozy could do and what problem are you trying to solve?

Have you checked out Its scale-able and pretty inclusive on the features it provides. It's also not that expensive given the breadth of service options (tenant portals, auto pay, e-lease mgmt, etc...) ..Im assuming it should automate many of the tasks maybe you're getting bogged down with from the free version of

Also interested to hear which features/issues you're trying to solve as @Joseph DiNardi-Mack mentioned.

There are several options available for medium to large portfolios. We use PropertyZar. Just identify your needs, then find the right solution for you. Technology is awesome and when you combine with real estate, there are endless possibilites. Wait until block chain technology gets integrate with real estate professionals. A lot of changes will be taking place over the next few years. Exciting!

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