Listing Photos with Tenants furniture

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I had a professional photographer take photos of a duplex I am purchasing before the tenant moved out.  I wanted to have photos that showed potential renters that the smaller rooms could be functional with furniture arranged the proper way.  Are there any issues with me using photos of a previous tenants furniture in listings so long as I denote that it come unfurnished?  I can't find anything in the forums related to this.  Thanks in advance.  

@Justin Stephens As long as you're forthcoming and let the potential tenants know it comes unfurnished and you were just showing the smaller rooms could be functional with properly arranged furniture, I see no problem. Having the pictures taken with the furniture for that reason was actually a great idea! Good Luck! 

Its like you didn’t have to pay for staging at all! 

As long as you note it does not come with furniture you’re good. 

@Justin Stephens   I'm not sure why it would be a big deal. I do this sometimes too. Never thought anything of it. BTW, glad to see someone else from southern WV. I'm in the Huntington/Charleston area. 

@Justin Stephens In the future, I would ask the current tenant if it would be okay that you take photos with their furniture/belongings.  As others have stated, make sure you state that the unit comes unfurnished.  Pictures with furniture in the rooms does give potential tenants a good visual of the space.  I have done this before as well.  Congrats on your purchase. 

Thanks for the input folks.  I asked for permission from the current landlord before we took the pictures.  Sounds like it was a good idea after all.  Just double checking myself!  Thanks again!

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