Terrible customer service with Cozy!

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Hi! I just wanted to put my problem out there and see if anyone has had any similar issues. I currently have a rent payment from my tenant floating around somewhere besides my bank account. This is a new rental and after some research I decided to try out cozy for online payment, and I was aware of the 5-7 day processing time through ACH. Not too big of a deal. I paid for the expedited payment, but for the tenant's first payment this is not an option. Again, no big deal. 

So my tenant paid her rent on the 1st. On the evening of the 7th I still have no payment, although it states "completed" on the website. So on the 8th when I get to late afternoon and it is still not in my account, I look for the customer service number. They do not have one. They have an email and standard business hours 7 days a week, supposedly. The lack of being able to call someone was a little frustrating, but if they offer prompt e-mail service I figured it would be fine. This is NOT the case. 

I got my first response on the 8th and I sent a reply e-mail following their advice and asking if things were resolved on their end. I did not get another response until 436 PM the following day after my fourth e-mail I when I got frankly pissed at the total lack of response and told them I would be writing poor reviews and sending a complaint to BBB if I didn't get any sort of response. Remember I am missing a rent payment here that says "completed." this seems an issue you would want to handle promptly. Well that got a response, finally. Unfortunately, this second e-mail just parrots the first. They suggested that I had put in the wrong bank account number. I can't verify this on the site because under my bank accounts after entry it only shows the last four of the bank account and which bank it is, which all displays correctly. I had re-entered my information on Friday and asked for verification on their end and not gotten any information or follow up. 

Since this was unhelpful I called Chase this morning (phone support, like a real company.) They said that a deposit had been made from cozy into my account on Friday via ACH, but then cancelled on cozy's end (so maybe not incorrect info if chase had my info? maybe not?) Being a weekend they couldn't get a response from ACH but gave me a tracking/tracing # for the transaction and suggested I needed to talk to cozy and then if that went nowhere follow up with them on Monday. I e-mailed cozy with this information and the trace #. Again this is day 3 of trying to get a real response from cozy and they supposedly have 7 day/week business hours support via e-mail. In the process of typing this I refreshed my e-mail and almost 8 hours later I have a response that they will check with engineering tomorrow. This is also the third person from the company that has responded (one e-mail from each, I get being out of the office, weekends, etc, but maybe if they would respond a little earlier than the very end of the day we could resolve this with one person and move on. or don't advertise 7 day a week support and I would have waited until Monday.). 

Anyways, the biggest issue I am having is the lack of customer support more than anything. I certainly will not use them again after this and will probably swap my tenant over to another payment process in a month or so. I may as well have had the tenant mail me the payment!

Hey @Alex Applebee ,  I also use Cozy for all my rentals but have never had any of these issues (yet). Knock on wood.  As I was reading your post I was thinking maybe you had the wrong bank info as well.  

The one thing that frustrates me is the time it takes for them to process the payments.  However, I do like how they have added maintenance requests on there. 

Their business does have some areas of improvement.  I have had to contact customer service once before and also disliked how it was only through email, regardless of the issue they resolved for me.  Personally I would rather talk to someone via phone. 

When a payment is initiated you can look on your cozy payment dashboard and it will tell you the very day it will deposit. I don’t know why you were wondering? They send you an email when it initiates and another the day before it will deposits to let you know it will deposit. ???

As far as having someone there to pick-up the phone- I am satisfied with their quick reply via email... after all it is a free service!

Good luck!

@Alex Applebee

I have been using cozy for the past 6 months and also have had no issue. I think once the hurdle of getting it setup is done then it's pretty smooth sailing. 

Sounds like it's just been bad luck. 

I am interested to know what you will be using next. When I did my research of getting automated payments from tenants this one seemed like the best option. I am always open to trying a different system if it helps make things easier. 

@Patrick M. On the cozy dashboard it shows the payment as completed and deposited. It had been estimated for December 7th, but somewhere on their FAQ it had said that it can take another 24 hours from it showing as completed to actually being deposited in the account, so I waited until the 8th to contact them/even start wondering what is going on. 

I was pretty thrilled with it all initially. I liked the application process for the tenants, I like their expense tracking. I think it all has potential, but the difficulty in getting answers when something significant is going wrong is enough to reverse my feelings on the company, unfortunately. 

I’m glad to hear others have better experiences. Maybe I’ll just keep my tenant on there until the lease is up, and switch to another company with the next units and lease....depending on if when/how this gets resolved tomorrow.

Luckily I was not depending on this deposit for anything, good lesson on always having cash reserves!