Statement of security deposit end of tenancy

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Hello all,

I am a New York landlord that has to charge his first security deposit to bring my rental back to rent ready.  

The tenant didn't totally destroy the place.

But in one year they did more damage than people that have rented from me for 4 years. We renovated the hole place before they moved in.

I got lucky but in their eyes it's perfect. 

I had to have a guy wiping all walls w vinager and then degreaser to kill the smell of smoke. 

I had carpets professionally cleaned which the carpet guy pointed out 7-8 burn holes . I called the guy who installed the carpets to see if he could take walk in closet carpet and replace the area wher most of the burns are.  The solid surface acrylic countertops in the bathroom had burns in it as well. There was weird splatter on walls and ceilings that we could only guess is blood.  The drain in bathroom was disconnected and a little piece was missing.  Two switches for outlets were disconnected and blank cover plates were put in the place.

The carpet installer said the only way to make the living room half way decent is to  replace the hole living room carpet. 

So my question, does anyone have a specific form for statement of security deposit and end of tenancy. Or maybe give me an example of what they send with the remaining security deposit. In New York you have to itemize if I'm not mistaken.  

Has any else tenant who believes they left place perfect when in fact they didn't. 

I appreciate any feedback.  

@Eric Hrlbock Believe it or not, this happens all the time!

Did you use a condition statement upon move in?

It sounds like all the work you are doing would be valid deductions from the deposit. The only one that might be a bit touchy is the replacement of the carpet. I know in my area as long as you provide an itemized letter explaining the deductions it is very hard for the tenant to challenge said deductions.

what would you do about burn holes in carpet? It is a no smoking unit and kind of hard to say that w burn holes on carpet.  

@Eric Hrlbock  

There are several move out itemized lists with charges in the file place here on biggerpockets that you can download. 

Jim brings up a good point if you had them fill out a move in condition statement... 

Also In my leases I state that smoking is not permitted. Here is an excerpt from the smoking clause of my leases, "Tenant shall not, and shall not permit any resident or guest to smoke within the house located on the Property. Tenant will be charged for all damages to the Property caused by smoke, including cleaning fees, carpet cleaning, and re-painting if reasonably necessary to remediate smoke odor."

It's funny i walked through the place with him, he said we will get it to you after she gets home and signs it.  I went back 2 times he said we have it and I got there and he said oh man, she moved it. So I asked for a blank sheet of paper and wrote that everything was new, fresh paint fresh carpets and signed and dated it. He signed and dated it.  I should have seen all the warning signs. 

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