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I just purchased my first two properties last month, two duplexes next to each other in a B- neighborhood. Lower income but family oriented area. Two of the units are empty which I am rehabbing and getting ready to rent out. One of my existing inherited tenants apparently lost her job for awhile and just got a new one and has asked if I can accept half the rent every two weeks until she gets caught up. She had a very good track record with the previous owner for the last couple of years and her mother was the renter previously for years. She's currently on month to month. I'm looking for ideas where both of us can benefit from this situation.

I know there are many people here on BP that have been burned by tenants and will say to give her and her 4 kids the boot at Christmas and since this is my first rental property, I'm sure I will be burned at some point as well. However, for this situation I have a couple of ideas and was wondering if they are viable or if they are problematic.

1. Redo another lease saying she must pay half the rent every two weeks for the next year. This would pay me a premium but I would have to finish out the year before I really realized the gain.

2. Let her know we can do half a payment every two weeks for a predetermined amount of time (4 months?) but charge a $25 premium on each payment. - This would allow me to realize some gain immediately with each payment.

I'm looking for any other creative ideas that others have done successfully.

Dave Garlick  

#2 sounds a great option 

I would only offer option #3: she can pay in two installment for December however come Jan 1 rent will be due in full going forward.

If you have a LMR deposit you could offer to apply it to cover January rent and she vacate the unit by end of January.

If she can not afford her rent then paying bi monthly will not help and very soon you will be forced to evict. She is now on borrowed time if she can not afford full rent Jan 1.

Creative solutions for tenants that can not afford their rent are only going to come back and bite the landlord.


I did the semi monthly payments for one tenant whose been an excellent tenant for about 12 years now.  It is just easier for them to manage their finances giving half at a time.   

WOrks for me. 

Most of ppl get paid Bi Monthly/weekly so it makes sense to give an option  if they are good tenant.

If a tenant has a good track history and something in life happens, work with them. I wouldn't extend this beyond two months though. I would also give her a written 30 day notice to vacate and let her know that if she fails to keep the arrangement you will expect her to be out within 30 days. Have her sign it! Put the agreement in writing! Let them know you are not happy and that you have bills to pay as well. Do NOT provide this memo with a smile. 

I have a document that I have delinquent tenants sign saying they agree to a certain payment arrangement. I also have them sign an agreement to vacate. If they sign they agree that they will vacate on X date, and the property shall be considered vacant on Y date (the following day), and any possessions that remain are considered abandoned. In exchange for vacating I agree not to pursue collection of delinquent rents, but they have to be OUT on the date agreed. If they are there one day past, I pursue collection of all costs and all remedies as allowed by law, including garnishment, reporting on delinquent tenant web sites, eviction on the credit report, court costs, attorney fees, attachment of bank accounts, etc.

@Ray Harrell

“reporting on delinquent tenant web sites”

What are websites name where we can report 

@Sai T. , just say you will do it. Tenants don't know there are no sites. But there are a few I've seen. For most of them you have to have tenant information, such as SSN, driver license number, DOB to make sure they are a match by something other than their name. Do a google search. If we start using these we can all be better landlords, and tenants will be better knowing that their misconduct can leave them homeless.

@Sai T. , for Chicago there is a even a Facebook page for landlords to report trouble tenants, but it's name only so it isn't that helpful. But if tenants know they are being put on blast publicly, they may think about poor behavior. Just make sure what you post is factual and that you can provide hard evidence. That way it's all legal.

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