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I own my own plumbing company and want to get in with Property managers. Now, I know the typical sticking points for dealing with contractors - don't show up, show up late, doesn't clean up after themselves, no warranty, so on and so on.  What I need help with is opening up a line of communication with property managers in Colorado springs.  I'm a very charismatic guy, when face to face, but I get stuck when I've never met a person and I'm not verbally talking to them. 

Hello @Cody Hyman    

I think the easiest method may be for you to attend some local real estate investor association meetings. Look on and see if there are any groups locally and touch base there. That's about the easiest way, especially if the group has a "haves, wants and needs" time alotted, you could go up and talk to all at the same time and present your company so they have an option and know someone to call.

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that's a great idea. Thank you Bruce, and I've actually already been able to go there a find a meet up!

As a property manager who has dealt with countless contractors, I would tell you to just simply be your authentic self.  When you see someone you would like to connect with, smile first, introduce yourself, tell them who you are and what you do but more importantly, tell them what you and your company stand for.  What we ultimately want to know is that we can trust you to handle the job professionally.  I have a handful of contractors that I will always use simply because they are who they say they are and they always do what they say they are going to do.  I'm sure you will do just fine at your meet-ups and best of luck to you!

@Cody Hyman Great suggestions from Bruce and Laticia. I'm a Property Manager in Colorado Springs. I try to attend investor meetups as frequently as I can. They are a great opportunity to learn and network with other professionals. 

You might also try to search/Google for Property Management companies in COS. Most will have a site with contact details. You would likely have better success making contact by calling vs sending an email. In my opinion, a phone conversation is usually more impactful than an email for an initial introduction. 

Most PMs have their go-to, preferred contractors/companies for each speciality who they've built relationships with over time, but are usually looking to add reliable contractors to their list as backups. As Laticia said, doing as you say will do, on time and professionally goes a long way.



@Laticia Braxton, I'm very glad to hear that counts with you. I read a book a few years back called radical honesty and I try to be genuine in every situation. Thank you for taking the time to help me! 

@Timothy Smith, can i call you this week sometime? I don't want to hard sell you on using me, I would like to understand the process that PMs use to get contractors on their preferred vendors list. Josh and Brandon say to offer to buy people coffee to get info from them, but what if I offer a free minor plumbing repair for your time? 

@Cody Hyman to "mention" someone. Type the @ symbol followed by at least the first 3 letters of their name and then pause. A drop down menu will appear with those who match and you pick the one you want to mention. When you do it right, their name appears highlighted in blue. There can be issues with the features on mobile devices so that also maybe why it is not working for you. @Laticia Braxton and @Timothy Smith you were mentioned above.

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