Property Management companies doing AirBNB in Chicago?

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Does anyone know of any good management companies handling vacation rentals in Chicago?  I live in St. Louis and have been thinking of buying a condo in Chicago. I would like to use it for vacations, mainly in the summer, and would like a property management company who could handle some of the maintenance (cleaning etc). I would like to do it through Airbnb and know that ratings are crucial to acquiring good renters.

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Hi Anuj,

I'm happy to refer you to the Airbnb management company I've been working with, but they won't touch condo units because the associations almost always prohibit it. From what I've seen you'd need to buy a multi-unit. Let me know if you'd like to discuss further!



@Syed Lateef thank you for the information, I will definitely do some research. I was looking for something near Michigan Avenue to enjoy and invest in. 

@Alex Fraher thanks for the information also. Not sure I'm ready for a multi family since I want something I can vacation in as well. 

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