Mailboxes for tenants

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would like thoughts on mailboxes.  I have a 4plex where two of the existing wall mount mailboxes need replacing.

I can't find matching ones so I am going to replace all four.

I see some lockable aluminum mailboxes that seems nice but wondering if it's worth the hassle of having to maintain mailbox keys. 

Area is safe never any theft or anything so there isn't a security concern.  Just that it seems the nicer boxes are all lockable.

@Sam Leon If the area doesn't demand the locks, then I would not spend the time and money on them. Just buy the ones from HD or Menards that are simple and easy to install. I just went through the headache of changing out several locks on the mailboxes at my apartment building here in Berwyn, and I can tell you that the job is easy but time consuming! The mail boxes were already existing, so I had no need to do a replacement. In my South Bend 20 unit, I use only the cheap mailboxes with no lock. 

Keep it simple is always your best business approach. If tenants have keys they will lose those keys. Use a basic box with a small hasp and they can install their own locks and be responsible for lost keys.

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