New Tenant Welcome Letter / Package

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What do you include in your new tenant welcome letter / package?  

Sometimes special information about appliances, we have a built in oven that if used incorrectly trips a particular part in the oven and costs a couple hundred dollars to fix.  We always tell the tenants how to properly operate the oven so that this does not happen.  Also list all the providers for electricity, water, trash, gas etc.  It is so much easier than trying to look it up yourself especially if your property is on a utility territory boundary.

@Monica Kovalsky ,

Have you read The book on managing rental properties by Brandon and Heather Turner? If not, I think it would be a good resource to have not just to get the information you mentioned above but for being a landlord in general:)

Your welcome letter will set the tone of your relationship with your tenants. The welcome letter should include key elements such as:

How and where to pay rent

Contact information for property manager and leasing agents

Property rules and regulations

Important phone numbers

Your system for handling maintenance requests

It’s always a good idea to include a positive comment about good working relationships. You’ll also want to include information on rewards programs such as new tenant referrals.

Our rental agreement covers the rules and how to pay the rent.  We do an in-person walk through where we show our tenants the electrical panel (we have a business card magnet on the panel, so they always have our contact info) where the mailboxes are, where the trash dumpster is.  Our packet includes information on:

Laundry room door code

Maintenance requests

"How to Get Your Security Deposit Back" --our letter on our expectations on how we expect the unit to look upon move-out, and what our charges are for common damages.

Blank move-out notice

Copy of lease

Copy of move-in/move-out condition report

We strive to set a friendly but professional tone with our tenants. 

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