Total cost of ownership for washers

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Hello, I’m interested in lowering our water bill at one of our investment properties and I’m looking at replacing our old washers with more water efficient models. Has anyone done a total cost of ownership analysis of washers?  I.e. including electricity and water costs, maintenance, etc

You would be better off , putting in water saving spicots and shower heads , checking the toilets . Maybe putting in a pressure reducer on the main .  its not how much the washer is using , its the frequency of use 

@Jasper Saberi since it's just a single unit you're referring to I think your monthly utility savings will be minimal unless the tenant has a really large family or has infants that will require a lot of laundry. I would focus on the cost of the appliances, look for appliances that have current rebates, are energy efficient, good sales price, etc...

I know that personally, front loader washers do save significant amounts of water, and would probably pay for themselves in a couple of years.

Or remove the washer altogether! I did that in my C-D property. I thought having them would attract tenants, but I later found out that most people in those areas have NEVER had an in unit washer/dryer. Not only that, they abused the privilege by allowing their friends to come over and wash. I removed them promptly!

Thank all of you for your input and responses.  I’ve noticed that some landlords do not provide washers/dryers for their tenants - makes me think that the landlord is either trying to lower expenses by not owning one more thing that can break down and/or making it more difficult for the tenant to move by having the tenant buy and use their own appliances. 

Put in a pressure reducer.

We have taken steps to remove washer/dryers on renovation and Install water conservation. But nothing reduced our initial bill as much as the reducer. The pressure coming in was actually way too high anyway.

We are finishing up on our coin-op laundry in the basement.