Looking for the best PM in the south!

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Merry Christmas everybody!  I've spent the day in a blizzard, getting text messages all evening from upset tenants who are wondering when the plow guy will come.  Plowing is one job that we try to hire out 100%, and it's still always a pain.  This happens every winter, along with the fear of the heating system breaking down and freezing our tenants or pipes.  Therefore, my goal next year is to invest in the south.  Someplace with a beach to visit would be nice.  I'm considering North Carolina and would like to visit there in February to get started.  I believe the first place to start is with a rock star property management company.  Can anybody recommend companies that you have actually used long-term and are big fans of?  I know I'm asking a lot, but it's Christmas so since you're in the spirit of giving...

Go To NARPM.org there you can find great pm companies

I can be your NC connection.  We flip houses and we have connections with the best PM in the state. 

@Amy A.   That's one thing I am very thankful for here in Raleigh. I don't have to worry about snow, and no one ever freezes if the heat goes out in the winter.  While we do take precautions for freezing weather and the plumbing, I don't actually know of anyone who has had a pipe freeze and burst.

Hi Amy,  I would recommend Chris Claflin.  He is somewhat new to NC but he is what I have been looking for in a PM and I know most of the PMs here in the Charlotte MSA.  He is on BP so you should be able to find him.  Good luck

Hi @Amy A. ,

Nice to meet you! I grew up in Idaho. So glad my days pushing a snowblower are over! I can relate to your snow frustrations. Would love to chat with you for a few minutes over the phone. 

Thank you @Brent Zande for the mention!

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