Bathroom remodel keep the tub or only shower?

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I have a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house that I’m planning on remodeling the smaller bathroom. What’s everyone’s opinion about installing a new tub versus a larger shower only? This will be my first rental property in the future so I’m not sure how important it is to keep a tub in the non-master bathroom which is what a family with kids would primarily use. Thanks for your advice!

Hi Jeremy,

It depends on what your target renter is.  If you think you can maximize rent by targeting families with young children, I would keep the tub.  If you could maximize rent by targeting young professional roommates, it probably doesn't matter.  If you are targeting elderly tenants, a no/low threshold shower or walk in tub is probably a great feature.

Do you know what the existing drain and vent size is?  I believe (i'm not a licensed plumber) that you need 2" drain and vent piping for a shower stall, but only 1.5" for a tub.  If you're not getting inspected, it probably won't matter, but if you are getting an inspection, they might make you re-vent/drain, adding potentially significant cost to your reno.

As long as there is one bathtub for small children, a shower only in the smaller bathroom would be fine.   If you go with NO bathtub -- only showers in both bathrooms, you will limit your appeal to adults only renters.

Am with @Matt Leonard as relates to your target audience. I Have a basement unit with a 3/4 bathroom that works just great with millennials.  currently house-hacking in this unit as I get ready to move.  I have no issue at all with stall over bathtub personally and I think it really depends on your target renter.

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