I need some help with a house in Pascagoula Mississippi

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I have a house in Pascagoula Mississippi that is totally fixed up and move in ready. I am looking to do a lease option and would like to work with someone that can screen the tenants and collect the payments. I have called a number of places that advertise for property management in the area and no one answers or calls back. Whereas I like out of that area could someone make a recommendation?

@Joel S., I'm curious: why "lease option"? Do you have reason to believe that's your best strategy, rather than either sell (without option), or, keep/rent it?

Do you really want to trust giving a "buyer" that option, if they can't/won't just - buy it?

If you really "like out of that area", wouldn't a straight sale accomplish that - quickly?...

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I'd recommend Charlene Dronet - She's a realtor who works in the Pascagoula area and focuses on investors and property management. Pascagoula is definitely in her realm of expertise. PM me and I can connect you two.