Advice about suing a proprety management company

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Hello all I am new to these forums and looking for some help.   I rent out a prior residence and have a property management company to manage the property.  I believe they have been taking advantage of me making unnecessary repairs, charging exorbitant amounts for those repairs and most recently making me responsible for almost $15,000 dollars in damages for a tenant that skipped town.  Even after $15K in repairs the management company came back recently to ask for another $1000 for some missed items they say the new tenant "found" on move in.  

What is especially difficult is I live out of state from where the property is located so it is difficult for me to verify any of the repairs being done.

I'm looking for advice about what kind of attorney's handle disputes between owners and property management companies (most of google only returns information on tenant vs the PM).  I'd also be interested in hearing others experiences with PM companies and if they've found themselves in a similar situation as myself. 

I’ve been where you are, with a property manager that seemed to let costs spiral out of control. It’s frustrating when you’ve put your financial livelihood in someone else’s hands and they appear to be dropping the ball.

You have to determine what “success” looks like to you: do you want to just walk away and get a different manager (eg you are 6 months into a 12 month contract) or do you want to sue for damages?

In either case, I would assume you are looking at a contractual dispute so I’d suggest talking with an attorney specializing in real estate contracts (for example maybe the one you used when you bought the house).

The point of figuring out what you want, though, is to make sure you and the lawyer are on the same page from the very first interaction: lawyers are expensive and it is well worth some investment in your time by yourself to figure out what you want to happen rather than brainstorming it live with a $400/hr tab running.

Best of luck. It’s stressful but you’ll get through it.

@John Na you should have gotten a detailed report with pictures and receipts for the damages and repairs from the management company. I would ask for this info before sending over any money. I would also be expecting the management company (depending on your contract) to go after the tenant that caused the damages and skipped town. To me that falles under managing the property.

Thank you both for the quick responses!  Wasn't expecting to see a reply so quickly. 

I guess getting out of my contract would be the best thing.  I would really like to be able to sue them for some of the damage to the property the tenants they put in the house caused.  And it's now been over six months and they claim to be unable to find these tenants to sue them for the damages caused, I'm not convinced they are really looking.  None the less, while I strongly believe they are ripping me off, I have no idea how to PROVE that they are in a court of law.

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