Already given the required 60 day notice to terminate

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I served my tenant a 60 day notice to terminate our rental agreement October 3rd, Rental agreement will expire January 4. after that day the tenant will be there unlawfully .

My question is, if she is not out and want to have more time to find another place and offers me rent,  could I make a  one month rental agreement only for the month of January or would that  void out the 60 day notice  that I already served  and have to start over again with a new 60 day notice?

or should I stay the course and file a unlawful detainer after the 4th

I  need her out so I can sell the house. I would like to work with her on getting  out to avoid an eviction. so I thought if another month is needed  and she let the house to be shown could I  write a one month rental agreement ? and if I do would I have to start over and issue another 60 day notice . If I have to start over on the 60 day notice I will go for the eviction .