Tenant want to install washer and dryer

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Hello everyone, here is the situation, I own a duplex in nj  and my first floor tenant ask me if he can install a washer and dryer in the bsmt, he will buy it and install it, his leased is almost up. How much should I charge him for using the bsmt and having the washer and dryer there, he is a good tenant always pay on time and take care of the property, I was thinking charging him $50 extra, what do you think? 

Ask him to resign another year or two and he can install for free. That’s what I’d do anyway.

Does he pay water and utilities? I would only charge him extra for utilities. Or you could submeter.

Why don't you install it then split the water bill with tenants?  I typically pass on the water bill to tenants and if I am living on property, then I split it equally between all the units myself included.  As far as installing, I know it is a fairly easy thing to do, but why don't you do it, or get someone to do it?  If installed incorrectly you may end up with water leaks in your basement.  If the installation gets complicated that God forbid requires some demo type work, are they licensed and insured to undertake?  Seems simple enough to me to just have you as landlord install and that way you get to keep the equipment as it is yours, and you keep it for the next tenant's use.  Having Washer and dryer on premises I notice is attractive to many renters and you can get fairly cheap washers and dryers at Home Depot.  Home Depot actually should then be able to install tem for you I think for like $15 to $60 bucks and if you have any old, they will haul off too.

I would get it installed yourself and have the tenant pay the installer. If the tenant cuts corners and hires someone whom is not a professional or does it themselves you could end up with a lot of water damage. I would not trust the tenant to hire a reputable installer.

I would also make arrangements for the tenant to contribute to the water bill. Have them pay a portion of it or some kind of monthly washer fee which u could apply to the water bill.

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