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Hello,  I'm looking at Buildium software to help with managing 25 units (6 plex, single family homes..)  They offer two options, Core or Pro.  The Pro costs $150/mo and Core would only cost $60/mo.  Is the price difference worth it to get the Pro version?  I don't mind paying the higher price is the value is there.  I manage my own rentals.  I would appreciate your experience if you are currently using Buildium.  

@Kayla Truong We use Buildium pro for the portfolio of properties that we own and manage here in Connecticut and we see a tremendous amount of value in their pro service. The best thing about buildium is their customer service is top notch and there are tutorial videos that will break down pretty much any feature the software offers.

If your plan is to scale up from the 25 units then I would go with the Pro. If you are going to stay at the 25 for a while I would just go with the Core and see how you like it and you can always upgrade.

@Kayla Truong your decision will mostly be based on which ancillary services you will use most. The PRO plan includes many of these services at no additional cost such as free incoming EFT rent payments, 30 e-leases per month, free premium tenant screening setup, free mobile inspections, and the new client onboarding. These services are available on the CORE plan, but you pay per use. You can compare the two plans here:

Look at how you run your business and which services you might use. Are you going to be signing over 18 e-leases through Buildium each month? ($5 x 18 = $90...$90 + $60 = $150 the same cost as the PRO plan) Do you want to have your tenants pay rent electronically without paying $0.50 per transaction? 

I personally think the CORE plan is most appropriate for the number of units that you manage. You'd need to have A LOT of tenant turnover and transactions to get your money's worth with the PRO plan at 25 doors. 

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Thank You Michael and Ryan!  I signed up with the Core and will start to enter tenant info and property info.   

@Kayla Truong Is Buildium the only software solution you've considered? In our experience, Cozy (backed by Google Ventures) has proven to be a very good competitor to Buildium especially as most of the services on its platform are free. This is very good for the smaller landlord. Once you have reached a certain scale, you can always leverage up to Buildium. Both services have great customer support.

I have a 36 unit portfolio and I have been on the PRO plan on buildium for about 10 months. Overall Im happy with the service but Im wondering if I can downgrade to the core plan? As it was stated above It would take a lot of leases to make up the price. I dont have any tenants doing etfs either. Has anyone gotten buildium to do a downgrade?