tenant wants programmable thermostat

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Hello!  Just looking for any advice: a tenant in our triplex wants to install a programmable thermostat.  We aren't going to cover the cost but have no problem with this.  Should we require an addendum to the lease saying that the tenant is responsible for maintaining and servicing the new thermostat?  Thank you for any advice.

Most leases have a provision in the lease that states that all items affixed to the property become part of the property and are the sole property of the landlord. if you want to be extra careful, or your lease does not state this, you can have them sign an addendum which states that you give permission to have thermostat installed professionally and ownership transfers to you, and tenant agrees not to remove upon termination of lease.

Are there separate heating and cooling units in the triplex?  I could see a main floor tenant putting a programmable thermostat into a unit that had one central HVAC system and setting it up completely to their schedule.  This would of course freeze the downstairs tenant that works nights.   

@Ashley Bartlett I personally would be fine with it so long as they agree to allow it to be installed by either you or a professional at their expense and on the understanding that, as has already been stated, ownership passes to you upon move out.

@Jeshua Patrick @Chris Lohmeier @Andrew Boettcher - thank you all so much for your thoughts.  There are 3 separate units in the triplex so thankfully there will not be an issue like that @Chris Lohmeier.  We'll definitely make sure tenant understands it should be professionally installed and that ownership passes to us, whether through the current lease or through an addendum.  Cheers!

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