Do you market your rental by owner or by RE agents?

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Hello BP , 

My husband and I are fairly new investors. We just rehabbed a property, and its ready for rent. We started the marketing on But, previously, we rented our property out, using RE agents with good results.

What are your thoughts about renting your properties by owner vs using RE agents?

Your input is greatly appreciated.

It really depends on your local market, and I also think the quality of the housing is a big factor. For example, my rentals are all C+/B-, so the rents are sub-$1000 - which leaves very little "skin" for a realtor, and frankly this quality of tenant will look themselves rather than involve a realtor. If your units are high-end (or SFH?), some of those tenants will enlist the help of a realtor (especially if they are new to the area via job transfer).

You can always try it yourself (I have great luck with Zillow/CL), and if you are not satisfied with the results, call a professional and see if your property is something they could help you with marketing.

Thank you Wesley, it was very helpful.

So, if I market my property for rent by owner, and a potential tenant has an agent. Who is going to pay for the paperwork?

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