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Hi Bangor Maine Property Managers, Investors, My plow guy is problematic. He’s not giving tenants time to move cars, plowing snow into the walkways or not plowing at all. Any recommendations for a good plow guy? Also, any recommendations for managing tenant expectations and/or managing the tenant-plow guy relationship? Thanks!! Jesse

@Jesse Grant   Having good insight into this business from friends and colleagues in the business I think it is unrealistic to think that your plow guy is going to wait for your tenants to move cars.   If you want the plow guy to plow at specific time then you need to pay them more to do so when is convenient for tenants.  For example, my storage facility colleagues tell their plow guy they can plow anytime of day or be the last of their plows so they get the best price.  Most businesses pay to plow early morning because they have to for their customers.  If you want to take advantage of this find who is plowing the closest businesses to your property at the time you want it plowed and ask if they will give you a normal rate because it's a convenient add on for them.  If they only have to go next door to plow your place you can leverage good pricing.

I agree with above that the plow guy shouldn't be asked to wait for tenants to move cars. When/if our tenants complain about the plows, we always clarify that parking is included at tenants own risk/will, and snow removal is provided by not guaranteed; it's up to the tenant to keep parking spot(s) empty if he or she wants it plowed.  (We had one particularly tough tenant who called, irate, because the plow had come through a few hours ago, and there were still 3 inches of snow in the driveway. It was still snowing. Right.) 

I do think your other points are grounds for considering other plow companies. Do you have any small businesses in the neighborhood that use plowing?  Give them a call to ask if they have a recommendation. If you get a strong nearby recommendation, it's an easy fix because you know he or she is in the area regularly. Be wary of big companies because they might be less inclined to worry about smaller accounts. 

Snow removal is a pain, and I know some Maine landlords who no longer include it in the rent. We walked away from a deal partly because there was no place to safely clear snow from the driveway. 

What are addresses you need plowed?

The guy I use does a good job and has room to take more. How many do you need taken care of? He would meet to look at them if there weren't too many

My condo association went through this a number of years ago;  the new guy comes and honks... and we all get out and move.  He then starts work on the stuff he can do-- drives, paths, curb cuts, etc....   If & when someone doesn't move within a reasonable amount of time (like about 10 minutes) they're plowed in.   It's not easy, but you should be able to find someone willing to do this.   

@Ed Emmons and

@Bart Currie it’s one property with two small driveways on Center St in Bangor. Thanks for any referrals you have!

@Steve McGovern I was thinking the same thing. Honk, clean up the ends of the driveway and give the tenants a couple minutes to move or suffer the consequences.

@Katie Magoun and @Casity Kao thanks for your input! Definitely need to balance tenant entitlement and reality. 

Hi Guys. I plow myself and have rentals myself. As a plow guy, it all depends on my contract. Landlords that hire me know that I have a tight schedule during storms. I will
Not wait for tenants to move cars. I always tell landlord hour or so in advance to let tenants know I am coming. If they havnt moved tough luck I have a other customers. I can come back and do “clean up “ after the storm.

Anyway just wanted to give you insight from a plow guy, Time is money for plowing waiting is loss of major dollars and potentially lost customers.

I suggest calling the guy and working out something where he can get ahold of the you or tenants prior to plowing the property. Or the night of storms over 6 inches etc, he plows main area, and in morning (set a time such as 10am) he comes back to clean up, then at that time everyone must be moved or gets plowed in.

Last resort get a new guy! Yours may be lazy.
I do Know plenty of terrible plow guys who are disorganized and awful businessmen.

If you need anymore ideas or questions feel free to reach out! If I was in Bangor I’d make a bid! Little too far for me as I’m in gray and LA.


Seems as though most already said what I said! Sorry for repeating. But anyway reach out if you need help figuring out a good plan etc


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