Renting my property to a company?

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I have just received a request for a tenant to move into one of my units and have his company pay the rent. The company is out of town and I am unsure of the rules there. Do I have the company owner sign the lease? Are there any rules if it crosses state lines? Anything I should be aware of before proceeding?

@Melody Dodderer I did this with one of my units in Washington DC, for a employee that was going to be in DC for a 1 year assignment. I had the employee sign the lease because if he were to leave the company or get fired, I didn't want to take a chance on having a tenant that was in my unit if the work relationship were to change. He had the company pay him then he paid me. I still had the tenant meet all my normal leasing requirements, credit check, deposit, criminal check, and credit score requirement. I would recommend you structure yours in a similar way if possible, asked the company to pay the tenant then the tenant can pay you.