Tenant broke hand while walking on driveway

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Hi All,

  My tenant broke hand while walking on the driveway.  I got in touch with my layer and insurer to see what are the options.  But I'm also wondering if any of you had this happen and how to handle it.



@Sebastian Naczas

I have had tenants get hurt on my properties and luckily non have ever blamed me or tried to sue me.

So first I would hold tight and see what they do.

I would also be reviewing my lease.  You should have a bunch of stuff that basically says they will hold you harmless for any injuries.

They should (should being key here) have their own medical insurance to take care of this.

Good Luck!


I think you have proceeded in the right direction. Anybody can sue for anything, so always document everything before, during after withbthese types of incidents, and what I mean by nefore, video or take photos of everything prior to the tenant moving in

We live in a very litigious society. Let the insurance handle it and don’t stress about it.