Property Management in Chattanooga

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Hi all, I have a 42 Unit property in Chattanooga, TN. Looking for an onsite manager. Great way to learn about management, live in a nice place and make some money. Let me know if interested. Need by March 1st with training during February.

Anything specific you are looking for in a candidate? I know of a young guy who might be interested.

Some experience would be nice. But the young couple I have now who just bought a house had no experience. They had twins at the property and have now out grown us (even though its a decent sized 2 bedroom). So the candidate would need to be organized, clean, dependable, able to work part-time but pick up the pace when extra vacancies, able to coordinate maintenance person and contractors, use of computer (can learn the management software easily). My current managers set the standard for type of tenants we want. It's a nice, townhouse style community built in 2007.

@Tim Ryan ,  Hi Tim, I may have a guy for you.  Shoot me a PM. Would like to find out some additional info about the properties.  



@Tim Ryan , I might be interested.  Can you send me a message and let's talk.

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