Best Smoke and CO detectors, and where to buy?

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I'm getting way too caught up on the details here I'm sure.  I didn't imagine choosing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors would be so hard!  I wanted to get dual detectors that have sealed 10 year batteries, and also would love a reasonable price.  What brands do you guys use?  Are you happy with them?  I want something that won't go off randomly all the time and drive tenants crazy.  Also want something that won't break the bank.  Anyone know where I could order in bulk instead of having to buy one by one? 

@Samantha Soto - I just go with the standard builder's grade units that they sell at Home Depot and Lowes. You can also check out and see if they have a deal. I only use the high end ones that Nest sells for my personal residence. No need to drop that much money on units for your average rental or flip.

@Samantha Soto if you want smoke, CO2 and 10 year batteries, you are getting a high end detector, so it will cost some money. 

I usually get the contractor multi-packs with smoke only that take 9 volt batteries. I put new batteries in between tenants and they are responsible for changing them while they live there.

As far as false triggering on the detectors, that is mainly an issue from kitchen smoke. Installation location helps with this and you can buy specific types that are less sensitive to kitchen smoke. You can also tell your tenants to avoid burning food, keep their oven clean and use a range hood for venting. 

I wouldn't worry about spending money on safety related items like this. One other suggestion is to install a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. I have had two fires at rental properties and the extinguisher saved one kitchen from destruction.  

Just spent $70 at Lowe’s for First Alert(brand) 10yr Smoke detector, Carbon Monoxide detector and fire extinguisher to put under the kitchen sink.

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