Just bought a new rental , neighbor wants to buy it .

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Closed yesterday on a new rental . I was there today and a neighbor down the street came up and was nosing around . I told him I just bought it for a rental . You could see in his face he wasnt happy . He tells me that the neighbors dont like rentals in the neighborhood . I say , " Ok , sorry you guys dont like it but thats whats happening . "  He wasnt happy again and asks if I have permits  for working ?    I tell him nope , dont have one and dont plan to get one , " you dont need a permit to haul out trash , paint walls , trim trees , remove bushes and  replace broken glass "   

The guy storms off and says  " we'll see about that " 

Love nosy neighbors 

See how much he will pay. If it makes sense, sell it. Put in LOTS OF LOUD KIDS, overnight parties, drinking, LOUD music, and throw in some weed for additional fun. His price may go up:)

@Matthew Paul

Does your neighbor want to buy the house or was he just venting his frustrations?

You have to understand that a lot of people od not see renters as being desirable in many neighborhoods. The reasons are pretty obvious. Renters do not care about a property the way owner occupants do in most cases. Also lazy landlords have put awful tenants in rental properties and sometimes do not do proper maintenance on their houses.

While this isn't always the case, the bad cases will stick out in a person's mind more than the good cases. Instead of being rude and standoff-ish with him, you should have reassured him that you will do a thorough screening process to be sure that only the best possible tenants will be renting your house. You should also have told him that you plan on making improvements and maintaining the house to keep it up to standards.

The truth is that you may need a friendly neighbor to help keep an eye out for issues. Besides, the last thing you want is the neighbor constantly calling the police or code enforcement on you and your tenants.

The last rental I bought, I met the neighbor and he wasn’t exactly thrilled, either. I told him I’m not an “absentee” landlord and that I promise him that I’d put good people in there. When I was working on the house he’d bring vegetables from his garden over for me and we’d talk for a while. I gave him my phone number in case there was ever any issues and told him to call me whenever. The tenants that moved in would help him snow blow his driveway and do other things he needed help with. He’s since passed away. Sorry you had a bad experience with the neighbors at your new place. I know some people are just miserable all the time, but maybe if you assured him that you’d do your best to get good tenants and possibly give him your number in case of any problems, he may have lightened up a bit. I do see the potential issues with giving your number out, though. Some people will call over the smallest “problem.” Good luck!

I offered  to sell it to him . He lives up the street , I already know the neighbors around the property , I lived in that neighborhood for 10 years , back 20 years ago .  He was just a grumpy old guy , he said he would buy it and then sell it but didnt like my price .   

Originally posted by @Matthew Paul :

I offered  to sell it to him . He lives up the street , I already know the neighbors around the property , I lived in that neighborhood for 10 years , back 20 years ago .  He was just a grumpy old guy 

 If I can't get at least THREE votes from my previous post I give up on being the funny guy today:)

BTW--congrats! Love to see REAL investors building a money machine!

I voted!  There should be more humor in BP.

Should ask him why he's giving you hard time when your trying to improve the property to attract quality tenants.

Then maybe shrug and tell him he's right your just rent as is to (insert what ever makes him grumpy).

Originally posted by @Greg Parker :

I voted!  There should be more humor in BP.

 Laughing is GOOD medicine. 

Kill them with kindness.  In that situation (been in many times) I always ask them, "Do you have any friends or relatives you'd like to have as neighbors here?" 

I always hand them my business card and let them know to call me if they see something going on that shouldn't be going on, or if they decide to sell their house. 

Sure, sometimes I get the 'mayor of the block' and they call for little things, but often they've alerted us to problems that we otherwise wouldn't have discovered so quickly.  And sometimes it leads to a good deal!

Good luck!

The neighbor called the permit dept on me . They showed up today . The inspector was cool . He asked if he could come in , and I very nicely told him that I dont have to let him in since its private property . But since I am a nice guy , sure I will show you around .  He came in and looked and asked what I was doing ? I told him throwing away trash , fixing drywall , painting , and replacing 2 windows .  His response was , "you dont need permits for that "  I told him , " I know that , I am a contractor "   Then he asks when am I moving in , and I told him its going up for rent . He said his son in law is looking , so I gave him my number .

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