Looking for great property management in Champaign Illinois

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Contact the "Central Illinois Rental Property Professionals" this is a Real Estate Investors Association and they would have tons of info for you.

I started to look at outsourcing to property management a month ago and have interviewed other investors, realtors, etc on property managers in the area.

Fairlawn Real Estate is who I'm personally leaning towards after all my due diligence. http://www.fairlawnre.com/ 

Anyone know any property managers in Champaign, my property manager is terrible! I havent found any other PMs that would take my prioperty on.

@Charles Cooper I use "JSJ property management" for most of my Champaign area properties now. I am not sure if they are taking on new property owners though (unless have big portfolio, but I am not 100% sure). Coronavirus has property management even more difficult now.