Satellite Dish Issue

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Hi Landlord Friends!

I have a situation with a satellite dish at one of my properties. The HOA for the property changed the rules regarding satellite installation in March of 2014, which was a few months before we turned it into a rental. Once the tenant moved in, a dish was installed. They claim they asked our permission. I don't have any records of giving them permission, but thats not to say that I did not because this was when i was just getting started. Now in 2018, the HOA is just decided to enforce its policy and wants the dish removed to a different location. We have informed our tenant that the dish needs to be moved, but they want to be reimbursed for the cost of moving it since they claim we gave them permission to put it there. Being that it was 4 years ago and this is an elective expense which I do not cover, I.m them thinking this might be asking too much?

What does everyone think?

Josh L. 

So if they HOA is out of line, is it me or the tenant who has to confront them on this issue? They had it installed and pay for it each month.

Also they are not saying it can’t be had, they just want it moved to the back yard and the tenant wants me to pay for it.

Tell them to tell their provider they are moving, then they can relocate the dish for free... and get a free service call.

Thanks for the advice!

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