asbestos & smoking tenants

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Did my post title intrigue your interest? I just looked at an apartment that I’d like to make an offer on, but my one concern is that one of the tenants is a smoker. And I don’t know if anyone deals with that or not with their tenants? I’m afraid when I’m in the other two apartments that I can smell the smoke smell from the one apartment that has a smoker in it. And also has anyone ever dealt with asbestos roofing? I’ve never heard of that before.

@Account Closed - As far as the smoker it would depend on their lease, which you must honor through the full term.  As soon as the lease expires I would ban any smoking indoors or within 10 feet of indoors.  I also put a provision that there is a $25 per butt clean up fee for any butts I find on the property.  I have had this a few times, usually I give 1 warning about the butts and remind them of the lease provision and I never have to clean them up again.  

Asbestos roof is of no concern.

When the smokers lease is up you non renew. Trying to inforce no smoking is like asking a tennat to teach their cat to use the toilet.

You can not rent to smokers if you do not want smoking. 

Both of these things are a pro from the buying side for the exact reasons your questioning them. The majority of inexperienced investors will wonder... capitalize on that!

@Thomas S

Your cats aren’t toilet trained?