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Would like to ask some of the seasoned investors/landlords which are the best websites you use to conduct background checks for potential renters and why ... Thanks in advance! :)

I have been using for years. You get credit, eviction and criminal for a total of $26.00

@Alison Emmert I’ve been using and it’s been working out great. They do the online application and background/credit check. Makes it easy.
Then I just click a button and set it up to collect rent.

The less I have to do the better! :)

Hi Alison,

I recommend doing a full background check, credit check and eviction report for all applicants above the age of 18. In addition, I recommend asking for documents for employment verification and income verification. Also, always call previous landlords as part of the screening process.

There are services out there that have online applications (that also allow you to request these documents) and will also do a full screening report on the applicant (background, credit, and eviction). The tenant will pay for the screening report when completing the application as well. 

If you need a recommendation, please reach out and I am more than happy to help!

I have been using for years!

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