Noise Issues from Tenants

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I own a downstairs condo which I rent out. The upstairs neighbor complained of hearing loud noise from the TV very late at night from my tenants back in 2016. I informed my tenants of this and they were very compliant to turning their volume down when watching tv late at night. I received another complaint about this from the upstairs neighbor again yesterday. They are now complaining of the loud volume that occurs during the day as well as late evening, enough to disrupt their sleep. They attempted to knock on the door of my tenants when this occurred but the tenants did not answer the door. I have never had an issue with this with previous tenants nor when I lived there. I have had the same upstairs neighbors the entire time. Any thoughts as to how to proceed? My property is in a highly desirable area so finding new tenants would not be an issue. Any input is greatly appreciated. This is my first time dealing with this issue.

Talk with your tenant again.  Advise them of the local noise ordinance and THEIR $500 fine when the police come out the next time.  (check your ordinance before quoting a fine)

I went through this with tenants a couple of years ago. What I discovered was they were a much bigger problem than the neighboring tenants complained about. I asked the owners of other units and all of them told me my tenants were extremely noisy. In fact, cops had been called on numerous occasions. By the time you get complaints, I think the problem is big enough to warrant #1 a warning and tell the tenants more than one unit has complained, #2 a fine (my lease has a stipulation that any HOA fines get passed on to the tenant) and #3 get rid of them.

Yes, there are all kinds of "hearing aids" the help the tenant enjoy their show without disturbing anyone. Loud TVs should be a thing of the pass. 

As others have stated, check your lease and quote useful clauses from it regarding not disturbing neighbors.

Best to you... this is likely a symptom of a larger issues so nip it...

Thanks for everyone’s helpful input and feedback! How would you communicate this to the Tenant? Via writing? I would prefer in writing as to document the situation for my file.

Go in person and have the discussion. You follow this up with a formal written notification referencing your discussion.

You will probably need to get rid of these tennats if they are not receptive and fully cooperative.


You can talk to the tenants personally, but why?  So they can make up some sad story about why they need the TV on super loud every night?  So they can give you an excuse?  So they can complain that the other tenants also make loud noises?  No.  One thing I've learned about being a landlord is that this is a business, and 1/10 tenants will play you like a puppet if you don't treat landlording as all business.

I'd send a stern letter stating that loud noises are against X part of the lease (paragraph 15A on the current standard CAR lease agreement, but it's always being updated) and is grounds for eviction.  Clearly state in that letter that if you continue to get complaints from any other tenants about noise from them, that you will initiate eviction procedures asap.  Now, the reality is that you might give them another chance maybe, but don't let your letter reflect that.  Sound serious!  That should get the point across and fix the issue.  If it doesn't, evict.

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