Pittsburgh - Salary and hours for super for 6 unit multifamily

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We are out of town landlords for a 6 one beds building in Lawrenceville. Its about 6000 square feet in size. We are struggling with finding a reliable super for the building. Its easy to rent out the apartments due to the fantastic location but the building has deferred structural maintenance from the previous buyers. Rent collection is about 5700 a month. These are the tasks that we are looking to get done. 

 - removing trash and regular upkeep of the building

- basic handyman skills and customer service (responsible for outsourcing more complex repairs)

- dealing with contractors and giving access to the building or apartments (roofer, brick repair, painter for fascia and fire escape)
- preparation and apartment showings for new tenants
- major repairs such as painting an apartment to make it tenant ready will be extra compensation. 

Currently, our model is to give a low base salary per month. We pay additional each time a lease is renewed or a new tenant moves. We also pay additional compensation for major jobs such as painting etc. 

Our estimate of time required is about 5 hours a week. Two -three hours a week for trash and cleaning the common areas and the outside areas. The rest of the time is for letting in contractors and for the occasional tenant call. 

My question is what should be the base salary ? Is my estimate for time needed accurate? If you have any leads for a super please reach out to me. 

Thank you for your help.

@Arifa Khandwalla I would guess that $25 an hour is fair for a general handiman and $50 for the first hour of any service call. You should consider a management company who can handle this on demand and protect your interests and handle tenant concerns, issues and evictions etc...