Random rent amounts on the same property

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In Wisconsin is it legal to charge different tenants in identical apartments different amounts for rent? Also can you charge different amounts for upper or lower apartments? I work for a company that owns apartments and it just seems odd to me that people in the same 12 unit apartment complex can all be paying different rent amounts for identical apartments.

Agreed; perfectly legal... providing the difference in price is in no way related to a protected class.

Thank you for your quick reply. I just figured there would be an issue if a tenant signed on and then found out their neighboring unit pays less. Learn something new everyday!

They aren't identical though, they all fulfil a different need. Maybe tenant a) got in on a slow month and  got a deal, tenant b) came in w/ high demand and is paying higher per mo. Upstairs units probably command a premium, or the view etc etc.

Think of it like a car, sure many will have the same MSRP, but they don't sell for the same prices.

Have you seen the lease?. Lease terms could be different between tenants... Short term,long term,pets. Some buildings will have an optional garage or storage unit. The condition of the unit. One may have been updated appliances,flooring,fixtures.. There are a lot of reasons.

Unless conditions are different, or under rent control, it is simply a poorly operated business most likely due to not raising rent to market at end of leases.

Where all other factors are the same it will come down to bad management when all rents are not a market.

Thomas S you hit that right on the head. I am a Plant Operations Manager for a nursing home/assisted living company who also owns an apartment complex. The CEO wants me to take over these properties after the current manager retires so I’m just starting my research. Thank you for your replies! I’m glad it’s not anything illegal!

Perfectly legal, as long as you have a reason other than "black people are more risky than whites" or something similarly stupid.  I have 2 tenants who happen to have the exact same rent, it's actually kind of a pain in the butt, from now on no 2 tenant will have the exact same rent.

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