Mice control and openings in basement

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Hi everyone. Have a rental property, older 1925 row house in philadelphia that we renovated and rent out. Tennant has been in about 6 months and in Jan she is now noticing mice. Going to call an exterminator to take care of the mouse but also want to permanently stop future occurances. 

My question to other landlords, what preventative steps do you take to make sure pests do not get in ? Im assuming they are coming from basement and i do notice the back end of basment wall has an opening where they built an extension so assuming i would need to close this off and seal up all cracks/openings to ensure this does not happen again.

Obviously fill holes, second, most important is to have poison set at all times. When using poison make sure there is no interior access to water. Once rodents consume poison they look for water. They will exit building to find water and will die outside.

Inside smell is not a issue since bodies quickly dehydrate.

Poison is the long term solution.

@Chris Miller I’ve had similar issues before. Pest control person should not just set traps (which you can do) but utilize the commercial killer which are large tablets. They last longer and help kill the mice family (if family members present). Yes seal up cracks and holes with cement if possible. Larger holes, I’ve used a can of spray foam then cement over that. Can also use the cement/silicone caulk (forgot the name of it) for small cracks/gaps if you only have a few.

be careful with the poison - if a household pet eats a poisoned mouse they can die

Appreciate all the valuable info, will reppost with updates.


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