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I'm going to have one side of a duplex that is going to be ready to rent out soon. I have a man interested, but have heard not good things about him.  He's been texting me and I can already tell that he's pushy and bossy.  He will not make a good fit!!!   What are my options?  I'd like to tell him to take a flying leap!!!!!  I don't even want to meet him for a walk thru!!!!  Help!!!

You can simply start out by not replying back. If he doesn't get the hint after a while, you can send a short, professional response simply saying that you are currently processing another application. He doesn't need to know if that's true or not. I think the key is to not respond for the most part. 

often times when people are very pushy there is a reason such as they are being evicted, they are a professional tenant ripping off landlords, etc. I made the mistake of taking somebody like that years ago and I do not even want to go into detail about how much damage they did to my property.

I think I will just block his number and be done with him.  The only problem is, he seems to be making a habit of driving by my property!!!!!!  What do I do if he just shows up while I'm there!!!!?????  Call the police! (good answer!)

Don't panic. If he stops by and catches you outside, be calm, polite, and firm that you will be accepting someone else and that you wish him luck in his search. If he doesn't leave, tell him to leave. If he still doesn't leave, then call the police but do not announce that to him.

@Nicole A.   thanks!!  I appreciate it. People are just crazy in this world any more!!

Every time that I didn't follow my gut feeling when red flags came up and when I then used the left side of my brain to talk myself into that tenant - I always regretted it. 

Follow your gut.

I'm very careful about giving out my ph# for reasons like this. Half the time I don't give an applicant my card until move-in day.  Anonymous  CL e-mail all the way.

How did this one get your number, Carrie?

I pre-screen who I show.

@Steve Vaughan . he knows my tenant on the other side of the duplex. He bugged him relentlessly. But, yes, email all the way from here out! @Liz C. what's your prescreening process? and can you deny a showing and application on the fact they're a pushy *** hat!?

if your other side tenant admitted that this guy bugged him relentlesly, that's a pretty good sign that your tenant would probably not be happy with this guy there. 

and just a side note... this is my first property.... bought it in September. still learning!

better hope he doesn't search your name online....  you might want to change your user name setting 

As long as he is not a member of a protected class, you can tell him to take a hike for any reason at all.

@Carrie A.  In these instances, you should go with your gut feeling and especially if you are going to be living on the other side of the property. 

Also, I'm glad you quickly asked for help on here before the situation went south fast. 

Goodluck Carrie. Thanks! - Ola

@Carrie A. as suggested by @Matt K. you should go into your BP profile and hide your last name. I would also change the setting so that Google doesn't index you in their search. 

Blocking his number is a good idea, but I would tell him something before blocking his number. Otherwise you are just ignoring him, which is more likely to get him to stop by to talk to you. I would be honest. I had a guy one time that kept calling and texting me. I told him that he was too intense and I wasn't comfortable showing the property to him. I went on to tell him, I am not renting to you.

Once you say no, any further conversation can be a simple, "I said no, please don't continue to contact me". Any contact after that point is harassment. 

Some people are afraid to say no, but in this business you need to learn to use that word assertively. Rejecting people isn't a negative. If this guy needs a place to live, he is wasting his time talking to you. He is better to hear the truth from you so that he can move on. 

If you fear for your safety contact the authorities. 

Joe's post above is very valuable. I suggest reading it more than once.

One thing I have learned is to hold open houses rather than private showings.  Private showings are just too much work - especially if you have a tenant!!  Now, I advertise starting on a Monday to collect interest, with the ad stating that an open house will be held on Sat from 10-12.  This is SO much less work, and you don't risk showing the home to someone creepy alone.  :)

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@Roger S. @Matt K. I don't even know what the guy looks like. All I know is he's a pain and he burnt his moms trailer down for insurance money. I'll change my settings the next time I'm on the computer, but considering he wanted to talk to a lawyer about me doing a background check, I'm thinking he's probably not very internet savvy.

I remember the good old days, when I too could exercise my judgment in who I rented a house too...

I'll send you all postcards from the landlord's dystopia of Seattle.

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Simply tell him that you don't think it would be a good fit.  If you can't stand up to him now, how will you stand up to him if he doesn't pay rent or violates terms of the lease?

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