Appliance repair due to renter behaviour - charge them?

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Hi everyone, Recently the washer at one of my properties stopped working. Turns out it was due to the renters not putting lingerie in lingerie bags so their clothing went right into the drain of the washer. I think it is proper to charge them for the repair ($110). Any reason I shouldn’t? It’s their behaviour that caused the repair, right? Thoughts?

Do you have any sections in your lease that discuss tenant vs landlord responsibilities?

I do. It says that tenants are responsible for all appliances - maintenance and repair during the term of the lease. But nobody reads the lease that thoroughly, so I’m just wondering what they might “expect” and of this makes sense from a logic standpoint

why does it matter what they "expect" to happen? You have a written lease they agreed to and signed. The repair is due to their improper use so make them pay for it.

With a lease term like yours, they should not have called you.  Yes, definitely  charge. 

When my daughter rented an apartment the leasing agent more or less read the lease to her. I have started doing the same...just going over all the terms and anything I want to make sure they are aware of, like the shed is not warranted to be watertight. You could split the bill and say next time it is on them...especially if new tenants. I have never used a sock or lingerie bag and have never had drain issues

How many people use those bags? If you have a washer that sensitive get rid of the washer or change your setup. I have used dozens of different washers without bags , no issue. I am also sure my student renters dont use them, no issues. For this one unless there is true negligence on thier part by putting something in the washer they shouldnt have I would pay and then instruct them by giftimg a lingere bag at move in with a note. however, my first advice is fix the setup.

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It’s just a standard laundry Center (integrated washer drier). I have had it for two years at more than one property and have never had this issue before. I too found it odd.

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