Have a tenant who has completely trashed a property...

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They are also behind on rent, but I have little doubt they won't pay once able. The father lost his job and is trying to get his finances straight(has a new job), however that's not my main concern.

I completely rehabbed this home and now it's 10 times as bad as when I purchased it as a foreclosure. There is not a single aspect that's not trashed... My question is, should I kick out the human trash or should I continue renting to them in order to recover some money I can use towards repairs? I mean the damage is done.

The damage is so extensive it's wiped out the years rent I've already collected, but I can not permit such treatment and behavior. I want to boot the trash, but by no means do I have cash reserves built up for this. I'm a newbie and have my life savings in the three homes I own.

Being behind on the rent is unacceptable. A few days late but paid with the late fee is one thing. But I'm guessing you don't mean the August rent was due a day or two ago and hasn't been paid. If you don't have July rent, start the eviction you should have started a month ago.

Tenants trashing units are unfortunately part of the business.

There is nothing worse then human garbage like what your dealing with. I could say lots of nasty things for you to do but when it comes down to it, the scum will win and you will loose. Thats all there really is to it. I am guessing if the home is trashed like you say it is it must be a low quality home in a bad area.

Go hire Richard Kaklinsky " the Iceman " to help move them out.


How can you say the home is in a bad area and a low quality home - some people are just scum and trash anyplace they rent. I am currently dealing with this myself. The home I was renting used to be my home until we built another home in another state and moved. The home is a beautiful antique colonial in a very desirable, upper middle class, new england town that my husband spent 5 years renovating while we lived there. Along come the renters from hell (well disguised I might add) and now 2 years later after non-payment of rent and eviction, I have a trashed home that I need to sell. I feel for you Bryan. I spent all day just cleaning up the SCUM's trash today!

bryan, can you be a little more specific? what are we talking about hoarding like trash/clutter? broken cabinets/holes in walls?

I'll evict and move on. It's one thing if it's just paint and carpet because you still come out well ahead, but it's all that and then some. The house is basically one big pile of trash inside. I can almost guarantee you the toilet has never been cleaned. There is literally crap chunks everywhere.

You guys/gals had any luck with having their wages garnished? He'll easily have a $7,500 bill.

Originally posted by Michael S.:
bryan, can you be a little more specific? what are we talking about hoarding like trash/clutter? broken cabinets/holes in walls?

Paint inside, and out, they've painted on the brick exterior and the new shed I put in just for them, they've ruined the carpet/vinyl and decided to rip it out thus they've stained up the hardwood floors, the kitchen and new appliances are toast, busted a new window, torn out and lost new screens, the bathroom WAS new, they've ran a leaking clothes washer and soaked the floor which is probably ruined, that leak has gone into the heating duct work and has pulled away from the furnace, they tore off every down spout which has resulted in what used to be a bone dry crawl space being wet, I cut the yard yesterday(when I saw all this), and they are three weeks behind on rent.

Human trash is being kind... I'm a rookie still taking bumps and bruises because I didn't do enough homework. Hopefully I'm learning and won't repeat my ignorance. These tenants were placed by a management company who went out of business. I can only imagine why...

This sort of thing happens from time to time regardless of how well you select tenants. One of the reasons that it is necessary to have reserves when you have a rental business.

You definitely want to evict them immediately. Chances are very good that you have received the last dime that you will get from this tenant.

You don't sue for damages?

I taken several to small claims court and been awarded damages, but generally it tough to collect on this.

It can be quite costly to sue in civil court and you still may have to try to garnish there wages.

You don't leave a destructive tenant in place because "the damage is already done". They don't destroy for a year and then stop destroying. Every month they remain, they will do more serious damage.

On top of that, they have now discovered that you do nothing when they don't pay the rent. Don't expect to see any more money from them.

Get them out.

I recommend that you learn how to tighten up your screening process. People aren't wonderful all their life and then turn into bums as soon as they move into your rental. There is usually some sort of clue to warn you to reject their application.

Bryan, I'm sorry for your experience. As already noted ... "It happens."

I hope you can learn from this lesson and then also look back and have a laugh (if possible).

My prescription, watch The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Did the management company talk to the tenant's last TWO landlords? Do a criminal check? Fico score?

When was the last time the pm inspected or was even present at the property?

Is this a low income neigborhood? What's the zip?

Was it a section 8? I heard section 8 tenants are more cooperative since they don't want to lose their section 8 qualification.

Research your state laws as to whether you might be able to press criminal charges.

Here in NC I can for certain intentional damage.

And while the only time I have collected money in a civil action is when I have lease guarantors, I still make it a policy to take all sinners to small claims court.

Costs me $75 and my time, but my satisfaction is knowing that no decent LL who checks their record will rent to them going forward.

Once again, I appreciate the advice! I've already filled out the paperwork to file in small claims court in the morning. Hopefully I can recover some damages, but it will be a learning experience either way.

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