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Hi all.  I'm a college student and have been following the BP forums and podcasts for just about a year now.  I am saving up so I can get into the RE game after graduation.  

I have an interesting situation, though I am sure some of you on this site have ran into this before.  I live in an off-campus apartment in a complex of about 300 units.  Rent is to be paid online.  However, for the past few months I have realized that I am not being charged rent.  I was charged rent the first few months I lived there, though, and paid it through the online portal.  I have not received a Pay or Vacate notice or any other such paper work.  I have been in the office and in direct contact with the property manager to pick up packages and such too, which i electronically sign for on their system, but have not been told anything about rent.  

What do I do in this situation?  I am also worried that I may get late penalties for not having a payment though my account balance is $0.  Who is responsible for this?  Side note: I will be moving out of the complex come June.  Thanks for your suggestions.  

You are responsible to uphold your end of the contract. Of course, once they realize what has happened, they will come after you for money owed.

Something similar happened to me with my HOA association. Ultimately they caught it a few months later and I ended up having to pay it but I had an automatic withdraw. I assume at some point they will catch it and you will be responsible for paying it but I really don't think they will charge you late fees. Do you physically need to go online and pay or is it an automatic withdraw?

save it, they will come after it.

@Phil Salgori Here's an idea. When you're in the office picking up packages and such, give them a check for the rent. Or at least ask THEM what to do. Why would you come on BP asking everyone else what you should do?

Do you have automatic withdrawal or are you waiting on invioces?. You owe what is in the lease plus late fees that are in the lease so i advise To settle it sooner rather then later. If it is autowithdrawal gone bad on thier end well then you should contest any late fees. If they forgot to invioce you should still have known you owed. Any chance you overpaid at some point?

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